The Survival of Small Private Colleges

Simmons University President Helen Drinan talked to Michael and Jeff about where small private colleges fit in the higher ed landscape and explained how her university bucked the trend of small schools that have failed.

One thought on “The Survival of Small Private Colleges

  1. Hello – Thanks for this great discussion. I’m a subscriber and appreciate all of your topics so far.
    Have you thought about an episode about philanthropy, and the role of giving in higher ed? If you’ve already covered it and I missed it, I apologize.
    I work in advancement for Brown University, in their west coast office, and I’m on the board of CASE District VII. I’m fascinated by the future of advancement in higher ed — the way we do our work has to change radically in the next decade, but trying to anticipate what that means is complicated. The diversification of universities, the shifting reality of work and workplace, expectations of the marketplace that their university will know them “as well as Amazon”, the lack of faith in our financial institutions alongside our education ones…would love to hear you talk about some of it.
    Let me know if you’d want to discuss further.


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